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Lesson 9: Ultimate Happiness

So far, in this topic on how to manage our emotions, we have focused on identifying and removing the negative emotions that hold us back in our studies. You have learnt how to deal with fear, which is one of the worst enemies of a student. You then discovered that you could use faith to eliminate all the negative emotions inside you. I defined happiness as the absence of negative emotions. Now, I define ultimate happiness as the absence of negative emotions plus an abundance of positive emotions. If happiness was the key to success, then,

Ultimate happiness is the key to ultimate success.

Happiness is quite an abstract concept. People, especially students, tend to struggle with such things. At school, we have been trained to find logical and structured answered to clearly defined questions written on paper. However, school teaches us nothing about how to manage our emotions. So, I understand if you don’t seem to find this topic interesting or useful. If you want to be an average student and not put any stress or pressure on yourself, that’s fine; you probably don’t need this lesson. However, if you want to become a Laureate, you’ll need to accept that the competition is going to be unforgiving. If you are serious about it, you need to accept that you’ll face a lot of pressure. You are probably familiar with the following quote: