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Yashveer Kashyap

General Tips

Practice makes perfect. Practice the maximum number of past exam papers under exam conditions. This will certainly prove to be very helpful. Moreover, writing is very important. Writing helps you much in remembering. Ultimately in exams, you have to write down the answers. Also, know your syllabus well, read the marking schemes and examination reports.

Time management is key. A student may possess all the required knowledge but if he/she unfortunately is not able to manage his/her time to answer questions for exams, then it defeats the purpose.

Self confidence is essential for a student. Believe in yourself and try not to compare yourself with others. You are indeed unique. Of course, you may wish to know about others' performances in order to be aware where you stand, but focus on self-improvement.

Try to get inspiration, motivation, advice, tips and counsel from teachers, parents, senior students, friends, books, the internet among others and try to apply relevant ones for you.

Do your very best for your studies in order not to have any regrets later. When you do your best, God will do the rest.



Practice the maximum number of relevant past exam papers as possible. Besides, make use of sociological jargon and integrate sociological thinkers, evidence in your answers.


Do not make careless/'silly' mistakes. Moreover, read books, newspapers, online articles in order to enhance your vocabulary. For literature, master your literature texts well.

Literature in English

Master your literature texts very well. Furthermore, do additional research and wider reading concerning your texts as this will help you to develop your critical analysis skills and to enrich your answers.


Nurture critical thinking skills around the subject. Do not simply learn by heart. Do wider reading of books and online reading.

General Paper

Do wider reading online and read books, magazines like the Economist, quality newspapers among others. Follow current events.

Here is an inspiring Story that Yashveer is sharing with you...

Frankly speaking, my path was not straightforward. I was admitted to the Royal College Curepipe which naturally had many of the best students academically. As such, I had self confidence issues and I had the tendency to underestimate my potential. Moreover, I had the habit of comparing myself too much to others and I had time management problems for exams. For Grade 11 (Form 5), I got an aggregate of 9, and honestly speaking, I was not quite satisfied. But then, I turned over to a new chapter in Grade 12, which had its own share of challenges (the transition in terms of subject content and learning style, learning to cope with failures in extra-curricular activities, growing up among others). Then, came the Covid-19 in 2020, which was a major disruption. I had to adapt like all other students, but the real challenge was coping with the many uncertainties caused due to the pandemic like lockdowns, uncertainties pertaining to syllabus changes, exam schedules among others. The school calendar was extended and the exams were postponed to 2021. Another major challenge was to keep the motivation level high. Well, exams were held in April to June 2021 during an ongoing pandemic period when there were active Covid cases. I had to take 15 exam papers in 10 exam days from 12 April 2021 to 27 April 2021! It was really tough but hopefully I could cope. Finally all is well that ends well by the Grace of God. Well, the ultimate humble advice which I can share is try to imbibe spirituality in your lives, it is really a lifeline.

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