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Shipra Poonyth

General Tips

Stay Regular! Keep doing your homework on time so as not to lag behind.

Sleep well. (at least 7 to 8 hours). It helps maintain focus. This is very important.

Focus well in all 5 subjects, not just your mains.

Try to do your maximum. It is what matters. Do not stress. It prevents you from performing at your best. Meditation, exercise and yoga help. Releasing those endorphins help maintain better focus. Take regular breaks.

Believe in yourself. Stay positive. If you choose to believe that you can do it, you will do it definitely.



Reading from the book helps a lot to understand the concepts. Study regularly with small steps every day because the subject is quite heavy content-wise.


Practice is everything. Practice maximum past papers, topic by topic questions to master the subject.


Focus on theory. You can do a summary because it is quite boring. Use some colours. Try to put notes to understand the logic behind each theory. Practice is also very important in accounting.

General Paper

Again, practice has been key for me. I was doing around 2 essays per week when the exam was close and one comprehension each week. Documentation is also important. Look for topics which come out often and find max examples, stats on those. Eg, science, media, war, technology.


I was not that good in French but I kept on practising on comprehension past papers and did several essays. You have to document a lot about the topics too to get examples and good points in your essay.

Here is an inspiring Story that Shipra is sharing with you...

I was very focused. I had one clear goal in my mind. I was determined to do it, and visualising it helps a lot. I was very stressed though and felt a lot of pressure on me. I had to avoid competing with others and compete with myself that is give my best and not focus on what anyone else is doing. I was literally depressed. But meditation, yoga and positivity helped me a lot and I would strongly advise that.

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