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Saajid Ahmad Mustun

General Tips

Ask as many questions as possible to your teachers, clear all doubts and note the maximum you can. Treat each session as if you would have to sit for your final exams tomorrow. Get the maximum out of it!

Value your mistakes. The more mistakes you detect and solve , the better you will become. Never ignore your mistakes, no matter how 'silly' they may seem.

Practise past papers under exams conditions. "The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in combat". However, make sure that you have properly understood your concepts beforehand.

Explain concepts to your friends and help them. The best way to learn is to teach. In addition, perform a lot of research work so that you can make your explanation more convincing.

Scrutinise marking schemes, examination reports and high level model answers.



Proper Practice makes perfect. Complete most sets of maths papers. However, once you finished with one set, make sure that you correct all your mistakes and relearn these concepts before you proceed onto the next set.


Accounting questions are becoming less and less repetitive. So, prioritise logic and reasoning.
Theory questions in particular are demanding more of these skills.


Understand Economic concepts in Creole first because economics is full of jargons. Then summarise all topics and try to make 2-3 essay plans per day. For MCQs, provide a supporting explanation for your chosen answer.

Business Studies sub

Creativity and Imagination are the two best tools for business. Bring each and every questions to life. The more you can visualise, the more you can apply. The more application you make, the more marks you will obtain.

General Paper

Watch the news on a daily basis. Read magazines to improve your vocabulary and compile statistics. Scrutinise high level essays from previously ranked students. Lastly, please PRAY! 🙏

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