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Rony Busviah

General Tips

You have to love the subjects you’ve chosen. It will become less stressful and more enjoyable for you to study them. Sometimes, it may be hard to love a subject at the beginning but there is always one chapter, one teacher, one reason that will make you love it. Use that as a motivator.

Know yourself and your way of understanding things. Use techniques that work for you - mnemonic devices, flowcharts, diagrams, mindmaps.

Make your own notes in any form you want, whether it’s flashcards or simply combining your book notes, your copybook notes from tuition and school or finding simpler definitions online. It helps a lot for not only memorizing but also understanding.

Use social media wisely. Make group conversations with your friends to discuss homework, past questions, and follow news pages to improve your knowledge of current events. Even if it is a distraction, you can and should use it in productive ways!

Have a life outside of academics. Having a well-balanced routine and a healthy mind will help your academic. From experience, over-focusing on having perfect grades actually end up hurting your grades.



I used a lot of flowcharts in Economics. I always tried to link theories to one another and how they result from one another. It becomes easier to learn that way. Also, graphs are a good way to explain theories in a much easier way. So understand how to use them.


Practice is your best friend. And do not give up when the question gets hard. I found myself doing the same questions several times and not stopping until I get the right answer. This will help you learn from your mistakes and how to avoid them in the future.


Have a strong foundation. Accounting is very repetitive. So, if you know your basic debiting and crediting well, it will get easier for you. One thing that I’ve learnt is to read your questions well for accounting. It’s easy to make mistakes!

General Paper

Brainstorm essays instead of doing dozens of them. If there are 12 essays on a paper, brainstorm all 12 of them while doing your homework or revision and then you choose which one you can do and which one you need to research more about.


Remember your grammar, your COD, COI cause it really helps. When writing your essays, keep it simple and direct. You don’t have to impress with “big” words.

Here is an inspiring Story that Rony is sharing with you...

Like many others, becoming a laureate had been a dream for me! Looking back at the journey now, I realize it would have been easy to give up and just do whatever I could to pass and that’s it. But as a kid from a low-income family with dreams bigger than the little place he was born in, I had to try. Wanting and working to become a laureate takes a lot out of you, whether mentally or physically. However, it is all worth it. The title of laureate sure appeals to many of us but what’s more fulfilling is the satisfaction of saying you did the best you could and all your sacrifices were worth it. I like this quote that says: “shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll land among the stars” and I stand by it. Shoot high, the highest you can and no matter the outcome after that, you will never be disappointed. At least, that’s what i learnt!

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