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Nuzhah Tarsoo

General Tips

Start your coursework early, in lower 6 itself. I have too many students rushing through it the last minute and this is incredibly stressful and takes away from your time for other subjects.

Don't stick to norms and rules around studying to become a laureate, but rather, take only what works for you. I noticed that some students were strictly for tuition and against school. School can offer you valuable tools as well if you look for them. I tried to get the best out of both school and tuition. This does not mean wasting your time in school classes where the teacher himself is not performing. If you feel that you can be more efficient with your studies doing something else in the class times for non-performing teachers, go for it.

Be proactive in seeking help when you get stuck and are struggling. Everybody struggles, including laureates.

Help your friends in their studies when they struggle and build that community of sharing in your study environment, whether at school or tuition.

Be nice and respectful to the teachers who make a genuine effort in teaching you, even if you disagree with them.


Art and Design

Start your coursework early in lower 6 and get advice and opinions from both your school teacher and tuition teacher. The more professional feedback the better.


Flashcards can be helpful to revise. Carry them around and read them when you wait in lines, have a few minutes in between classes, etc.


Understand the concepts well and practice questions.

General Paper

Have a research file with magazine clippings of articles around diverse themes for reference and to build your general knowledge around big themes like the economy, politics, etc and write essays regularly. It does not help to just know and not write, and vice versa.


Try to master the art of finding good arguments for your essays. It takes time, and you must be willing to invest in that. Also, write and try to get feedback as much as possible from your teachers.

Here is an inspiring Story that Nuzhah is sharing with you...

I used to be called 'bef' by my math teacher. I was never the best student, but I was willing to make the effort and beat the hell out of myself to understand and be good in all the subjects that I was working on, especially math. It's very frustrating to struggle, but you need that struggle to achieve anything in life... unless you are that nepotism kid xD.

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