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Matthieu Chan Chee

General Tips

Dig deeper and don't give in.

Be an independent learner.

You can perfectly well go to competitions, do extracurriculars and have fun with your friends. Laureateship should not be an obsession.

Becoming a laureate depends a lot on luck and in the end, it all boils down to getting a university scholarship. There really are loads of other scholarships you can get (those mainly depend on the extracurriculars you did) so don't put all your eggs in one basket.

And remember: if you're not a laureate, it's okay.

If there's anything, feel free to reach out


Computer Science

Code a lot and it'll come naturally.


Have all the math papers on your phone. Once you finish what the teacher assigned for class time, do math questions.


Train your problem-solving skills by doing Further Maths mechanics, Pre-U and British Physics Olympiad questions. Lots of laureates mess up the practical. Of course, do your best not to but if it happens, don't give up.

General Paper

Compile a bunch of knowledge for every topic. Model UN helps a lot to know about global affairs.


Pay attention to detail and hone your grammar to perfection. Know the French equivalent of useful English terms e.g. UN (adj for United Nations) in French is "onusien".

Here is an inspiring Story that Matthieu is sharing with you...

There had previously never been a Computer Science laureate so we couldn't know whether it'd happen. If your subject combination is unusual, don't worry. Just do what you love doing and dare to go against the odds.

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