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Karan Jashveer Reesaul

General Tips

Consistency - 1% improvement over 365 days is better than a 20% improvement over 100 days.

Aim high - Laureate is not the ultimate goal, it is the path towards your ultimate goal. Have the best version of yourself as the ideal destination.

Have a compelling reason why you should be a Laureate. This reason should be powerful enough so that it pushes you to study even when you don't feel like.

Make mistakes! Don't strive for perfection when you are learning. Make mistakes and ask for feedback from your teachers. Correct the previous mistakes and make more mistakes! Repeat!

Have fun! Laureate is a dream of many students but I have spoken to a lot of friends who beat themselves down for a mark that was lost. Make sure you have fun during the year, play and exercise regularly. It is a whole year of your life, make the most of it! Don't beat yourself down for not performing too well on tests. Keep striving and keep working, gems will blossom!



Learn how to write concisely. A lot of teachers emphasize quantity over quality and that is wrong. A good guide for economics essay questions would be to spend 10 mins for an 8 mark question. That means for a 20 mark question, you should only spend 25-30 mins. Read marking schemes to recognize patterns regarding what are the main things required in your answer and then formulate your answer in the same way. Do not repeat the same things over again, do not write lengthily. This takes a lot of practice. I wrote more than 30 essay questions per week during a year to finally nail down the technique and know how to write. It is the most important skill for essay writing.


Practice, practice, practice Work on every question you find even if it is a paper from the 1920s.


Understand the topic and the reasoning behind each adjustment. Asking "why is this being done?" is a great way to start. DO NOT MEMORIZE. just because an item was posted in a specific ledger entry does not mean it will be posted in the same ledger entry. The context changes and you should be able to adapt to the different changes.

General Paper

Break down the question as much as possible. For example: "To what extent is income inequality a problem in your country and discuss the measures that can be implemented to improve the situation."

1. Describe the state of income inequality with statistics like the Gini Coefficient.
2. Is income inequality the only problem? briefly mention other problems (unemployment, drugs, high housing costs...).
3. Current measures in place.
4. Measures that can be added.
5. Criticisms of the measures mentioned above.

Here is an inspiring Story that Karan is sharing with you...

I am not a special guy at all, my "why" was just very strong. My motivation carried me through hard times and my motivation still carries me to this day. I once came out last in class, I never got ranked below 5th at school and there were always students who were smarter than me.

I focused on myself, wrote down my plans and gave my best to accomplish it all. When I completed everything, I did not care whether I would be laureate or not. I did my best.

Also, fun fact, I got a blackout during my accounting exam, I started seeing black and I could not read the paper. I still remember it so clearly, question 4 on ABC costing. I missed a whole question worth 20 marks on paper 3. Could I have performed better? Could my rank have been better? Absolutely! Do I regret it? No!

In the end, it didn't make a difference, I am abroad, in my first choice university, in my dream program and ready to take on the world! It is just as if that blackout never happened.

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