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Junaid Emambocus

General Tips

Personal Work - The deal is between you and yourself. You have limitless potential within you. Just unleash that!

Self Belief and be a day dreamer - JFK, Napoleon Hill, The Wright Brothers and Henry Ford were all dreamers of the day. This is why they made history. Impossible is nothing.

Set mega goals- Go big or go home (Aim the State Scholarship). Have the right mindset. Remember, success is 95% mindset and 5% effort.

Discipline - Give youself a command and follow it + Time management

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good family life. Eat well, sleep minimum 6 hours daily and pratice some sports or meditate or pray.
Mental health is key to success.


Design and technology

Sketch everday- Buy a sketchpad and sketch whenever you are free.
Your DT project must be simple, innovative and marketable. Don't realise bulky projects. Focus on past papers and attempt all mini folios (From 2008 till now).
Practice questions under exams conditions.


Try to master what you are doing and fall in love with maths. Practice is key.
Attempt at least the last 10 years past papers (All variants) - Also prepare a checklist so as not to miss any!!


Same as mathematics

General Paper

Research + Practice + Teachers Mentorship
Read examiners reports when exams are in the corner.
Build up on your vocabulary.
Be concise in your essays.
Answer the questions, don't just write what you know about a topic to please an examiner.
Support your arguments with relevant examples and statistics( on average 2 per paragraphs)
Do 1 essay weekly + Work under exams conditions(Timings).

Accounting (Sub)

Just practice past papers!

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