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Gwen Lim Wan

General Tips

Sleep Adequately. Your body is still growing, therefore resting and recuperating is more beneficial than late-night cramming.

Relax and take breaks (taking breaks is different than procrastinating). Mental health is very important, you don't want to overstudy and burn out before the final exams. Whichever method works for you: music, sports, dancing, meditation, watching TV, spending time with family, spending time alone, taking a walk, walking your dog.. it doesn't matter as long as it helps you disconnect from intense studying and breathe.

Make a time table and stick to it. I focused on 2 mains and 1 sub per day. Allocate a leeway for unexpected events (example: your parents want you to visit your grandparents without any prior notice or friend birthday party)

Practice makes perfect. Practice as many past exams as you can and mark in a notebook where you went wrong or any interesting question you want to review later on. When it's close to the final exam, you can review the question you marked.

Be consistent. You have to maintain a certain level of consistency as from lower 6. You can't allow yourself to lack behind and expect to catch up easy peasy.



Past papers, past papers, past papers. Practice makes perfect, refer to General tip 4.


Know your weakness and pay extra attention to consolidate your weakness. I did not particularly enjoy Paper 4, so I focused a bit more on that.

Design & Technology

Be rigorous and diligent. Do not delay your coursework and leave it for the last minute. Work on it consistently and get most of the work done in lower 6, (if you're already in upper, then get most of it done by the first trimester). Complete the "Realization of prototype" by the first trimester of Upper 6.
Have your DT theory knowledge at your fingertips.
Practice drawing freehand until you are confident with drawing everything fast.


Practice past exams for reading comprehension.
Summarize various subtopics and gather a lot of information on your 5 themes. (See GP tip below)
Stay in touch with current news.

General Paper

I don't like reading much so I turned to instructive youtube videos to expand my general knowledge. Find what works for you.
Know a lot of good examples to illustrate your arguments while writing essays
Stay in touch with current news.

Here is an inspiring Story that Gwen is sharing with you...

It is quite unusual for a girl to study Design & Technology - a subject usually taught only in all-boys schools. I am so grateful I attended a co-ed school which allowed me to study DT. A lot of people might not believe that you have a chance or you will succeed but as long as you trust yourself and you are your #1 supporter, you work hard diligently and do your best, anything is attainable!

In the end, it's not the end of the world if you do not become a laureate, you can still obtain other scholarships (from universities, ministry of education website or other organizations)

One more tip: do not forget to have fun and savour your last moments in school with your friends and classmates. Thank your teachers for their support and guidance, they do not get enough credit!

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