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Gregory Marcelin

General Tips

Keep believing in yourself. I firmly believe that anyone has the potential to make it.

Be exposed to a wide variety of questions from past examination papers as well as other examination boards if required. Practice is very important.

Prioritise understanding to rote memorisation. Mastering the concepts is much more powerful as you can reason through any type of question, even those which never came out before.

Maintain the right attitude towards your studies and leisure activities. Enough sleep and relaxation are as important as working hard.

Work in groups and help your friends whenever you can. You then get different perspectives on a topic while also keeping the competition healthy.



Keep practising papers and always aim for the full marks. If you make silly mistakes, take note of them and try to prevent them from occurring again. Be sure to present your workings in detail. Attempt harder questions such as those from Further Mathematics papers from time to time to gain in maturity with tougher questions.


Do not learn Physics by heart, even the definitions. Always try to understand the concepts clearly and if you see a specific answer which you need to learn, try to understand the reasoning behind it. Practise lots of questions from other examination boards to get a feel for the topic before doing CIE past papers, which require more presentation. Do not neglect your practical classes.

Computer Science

Do not rely exclusively on past paper questions for theory as Computer Science is a relatively new subject and there is not enough questions to practise properly. Look for explanations and questions online and always try to understand the logic behind the topics as this subject uses a lot of mathematical thinking. Practise programming by doing lots of small projects and reason through the logic of your programs.

General Paper

Develop critical thinking by questioning everything and by trying to get views on both sides of an argument on various topics. In terms of essays, quality is much better than quantity; taking the time to enrich your vocabulary and to obtain an array of pertinent facts is more worthwhile than doing low quality essays everyday.

French Sub

Pretty much the same as for General Paper. Read lots of articles in french if you are having difficulty with French grammar, which is slightly more demanding.

Here is an inspiring Story that Gregory is sharing with you...

I never was among the top students in my school and I did not even get aggregate 6 in SC. I was disappointed in myself as I knew I could have achieved far better results. I therefore took HSC as a challenge and always aimed higher and higher. Do not let anyone belittle you or put a cap on what you are capable of doing. If you maintain diligence and are really passionate about your work, nobody can stop you from reaching the stars.

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