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Anonymous Laureate

General Tips

Never work hard.
Work efficiently and effectively.

Select and maintain a constant work rate (personal) throughout the year.

The actual purpose of examinations is to test how good you are at taking examinations.
So, (good) practice makes perfect.

Have a disciplined lifestyle.
Plan your day leaving time for both your studies and additional extra-curricular activities (or relaxation activities).

Indulge in regular groupwork with serious friends/study partners for revision.
The aim is to help each member to enhance their understanding of topics covered (Note: Try explaining each topic in layman terms).



Try to understand and to justify each key step you take when solving problems.
This will help you to improve your problem-solving skills.

Design and Technology

For the theory part, develop an answer template for each question type.
This helps to bring order in chaos.


Draw diagrams (or try visualising in your head) before attempting to solve any question.
This helps to understand what the question is all about.


Read on a weekly basis on each of the five themes.

General Paper

One comprehension and one composition on a weekly basis.
Learn to plan each paragraph of your composition before attempting to write.

Here is an inspiring Story that this Laureate is sharing with you...

Know what your bullseye is.
If you keep your eyes on your target,
you will focus on what matters the most.

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