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Anonymous Laureate

General Tips

Just give your best - that’s what matters. Being a laureate is a bonus.

Find the proper balance between studies and leisure.

Rest well especially during exam period. Don’t neglect yourself by stressing too much.

Taking lots of tuition for one subject doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be better in that subject. Working on your own pays off.



Do all the past papers and you won’t have to study much before the exam.


Understanding the concepts of the different chapters is key. Practice some past exam papers to know the structure and review some marking schemes to know what specific answer they are looking for.

Design and Technology

Practice lots of section 3 questions (mini folios and design questions). This will enhance your creativity and you won’t have much trouble generating ideas during the exam. Work regularly on your project as well.

General Paper

Review example essays. Also, enhance your general knowledge by reading some articles everyday.


Practice some essays. Review marking scheme to know what they expect as answers.

Here is an inspiring Story that this Laureate is sharing with you...

I wasn’t really expecting to be a laureate because I started studying way later than others. However, it all worked out somehow. Quality over quantity!!
Also, give your best and the best you shall receive.

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