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Anonymous Laureate

General Tips

Always practice past exam papers and read the marking schemes. Try to shape your answers in the same way as the ones in the marking schemes.

Be well rested before any exam. At least 7 hours of sleep so that you can focus during your paper.

I usually did all my homework, especially essays and math problems.

When you do past papers, keep track of the time allocated and try to complete the paper within the time frame.

Have a positive mindset and have confidence when attempting an exam.



Practise a lot of past papers and keep track of the mistakes made and try to understand why you made them in order to avoid reoccurrence.

Computer Science

Master your theory and write as many codes as possible so that you master the syntax of the programming language you’re being taught.

Design & textiles

Become familiar with the learning material, always give answers with many details and examples. Regarding the coursework, try to not lag behind and allocate your time properly so that you can efficiently cope with your other subjects.


Do your essays and practise the comprehensions. Do not underestimate the paper.

General paper

I wasn’t that good at GP but I kept on practising by doing at least 1 essay per week. Try to read newspaper articles regarding worldwide problems and stay up to date with local and international news. Use many examples to support your point in your essay.

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