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Anonymous Laureate

General Tips

Start revising as from Lower 6. Master all Lower 6 chapters in the summer holidays (Nov-Dec) before your Upper 6.

Make sure to complete as many past papers as possible.

Make your own revision notes in a separate notebook.

Know your weaknesses and common mistakes - make a note and go through them regularly.

Have a work-life balance: Physical activities, go out with your relatives to get a time out of your studies, hobbies.


Food Studies

For the practical paper, regularly prepare dishes at home (e.g. every Sunday). Try to find some innovative ways to decorate/garnish your dishes. Focus on local ingredients.


Past papers!!


Make your own notes from reference books. This will help you master the more challenging chapters. Also, complete as many MCQs.

General Paper

Have a vocabulary notebook. Try to complete one essay per week. Keep abreast with the world's events (use BBC, The Guardian ...)


Read magazines to get facts for your essay themes.

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