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Anonymous Laureate

General Tips

Believe in yourself - There will be ups and downs but always believe in yourself. You will make mistakes. That is how you learn - you are not perfect, you learn by making mistakes, that is how you will correct them and avoid doing them during the final examinations.

Take feedback as constructive criticism - Do not take any feedback personally but rather see it as a chance on how to improve yourselves. Your teachers' feedback is always valuable.

Be strong mentally. It is normal that you feel stressed. Make sure that you are eating well and are doing what you like (spend some time with your family, practice some sports - anything you like)

Focus on your goal and avoid any distractions.

Use several resources - Talk to your teacher. They have a great role in your development and success. Talk to them about ways to improve and additional exercises you can practices. MOST Important, communicate with them: let them know your goal and make them part of your preparation journey.


General Paper

Sometimes, it is hard to find the mark schemes and examiner reports for General Paper. When I was in college, I know that the library keeps a record of DVDs from Cambridge having the mark schemes and examiner reports for different subjects. Make sure to have a look at that.

Use an organized copybook. Organize it by topics (I am sure you must have realized that topics are related). Study articles from TIMES and The Economist and make sure you extract information from these magazines.

Also, whenever you feel like you are stuck on an essay and has no main points to develop, remember some other topics and you may find a connection and a point to develop.


Practice all the MCQs. Practice a lot of structured questions (especially 25 marks) and time yourself. Include some real-life examples in your essays as well.

Whenever you prepare some topics, use the organized copybook method.


Practice all the MCQs and time yourself. It may be easy to run out of time even for MCQ papers as well.

Just like with the other courses, I like to keep a "Mistake" copybook. Whatever mistakes you make in the MCQs questions, just write it down. Before going to any exam, just have a quick look at your "Mistake" copybook, and you will be careful when you know what your common mistakes are.


Practice and more practice! Make sure you practice every single paper and different versions and have your teacher correct those papers. It is not only about the answer but also about how you present your answers. Review the mark schemes and the examiner reports as well.

Computer Science Sub

By now, you must have guessed my strategy:

• Practice
• Time Yourself
• Keep an organized copybook
• Have a "Mistake" copybook you can review before an exam

​Whenever you write a program in an examination, make sure to leave comments just like you would if you were writing it in a software and provide theoretical examples to questions.

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